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Bluetooth Low Energy iBeacons

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What is a bīkon?

A bīkon is a small wireless sensor that broadcasts Bluetooth Low Energy signals that a smartphone is able to understand.

Mobile applications using the bīkon Mobile SDK are able to determine proximity to the sensors, thereby enabling tailored mobile experiences using micro-location.

bīkon sensors are certified iBeacon™ compatible.

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How do they work?

When a smartphone detects the signal from a bīkon sensor, an application using the bīkon Mobile SDK can trigger an event.

The response to the event is entirely up to the application developer. Mobile SDK simply informs the application of its' proximity to the sensor, whether the micro-location is close, near or immediate.

Cloud API simplifies this, enabling event configuration, analytics, and content delivery.

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What are the practical applications?

bīkon sensors enable you to customise your application experience based on proximity.

For example, an application could present contextually relevant information, assess the interaction your customer has with your venue, or even reward loyal customers.

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Simplified location aware IoT mobile development.

bīkon Platform

Cloud API and Mobile SDK


Simplify development

Mobile SDK, for both iOS and Android devices, reduces the complexity of developing location aware mobile applications.
Our optional Cloud API makes management even easier.



Comprehensive traffic analytics, optionally enabled via the Mobile SDK, enable you to understand how your clients experience your application.
Improve your strategies based on actual usage patterns.


Proximity events

Using Mobile SDK it is possible to trigger both GPS and micro-location based proximity events.
Use these events to create tailored mobile experiences.


Content Delivery

Cloud API offers content management and delivery for the assets that are used in your mobile application.
Display contextual information based on proximity events.


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